Beijing is on the edge of the Loess Plateau an area bound by a huge 500-mile bend of the Yellow River and known for its fine sand almost like ground flour. Each spring the sand would descend upon Beijing like Bartholomew’s Oobleck – there was no way to keep it out of your mouth…(Read More)

I just retired my first mirrorless camera – the ‘ancient’ Olympus E-PL5 – after nearly 3-1/2 years of loyal service to my continued education in photography. Purchased way back in 2012 it was the bee’s knees of tiny cameras sporting a gargantuan 16 megapixel sensor (largest available at that time) on an impossibly…(Read More)

You should be able to read this in 60 seconds. (I don’t know about you but that’s about my average attention span.) Recently a friend of mine on his way to Thailand asked if I could point him to some blogs about street photography. They’re all over the place – even on my…(Read More)

About that Bokeh


So there’s been some talk recently about “bokeh” or ぼけ as the Japanese would have it which in English means “blurring.”   The two camps “full frame” and “micro four-thirds ” are jostling and elbowing.  I thought I’d take a personal look into it and see what I can see.  My scientific test (not!) used…(Read More)

I’ve been traveling back and forth to Vietnam for almost 8 years and over that time have accumulated over 12 000 photos. (I’ve probably deleted another 100 000).  One of the most common subjects in Saigon is people on motorcycles. It’s very social. Entire families balance precariously on one cycle and entire…(Read More)